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Flavors of Self-Care

I've already talked at length about the importance of making time for self-care to the collective benefit of ourselves, the teams we lead, and the people we serve. Today, I want to talk about the different varieties of self-care.

Many of us are familiar with what I'll call Passive Self-Care, the variety where you find yourself eating junk food and curled up in front of the television. This variety is the much-maligned target of people who would like to suggest that self-care is basically laziness. Another form of self-care is what I'll call Active Self-Care, which involvesspending your available energy and time on improving your daily life in ways with fairly obvious benefits. Some examples of this latter variety include exercise, cleaning, redecorating, or serving others.

I've heard many proponents of self-care claim that what they really mean is what I'm calling Active Self-Care,but I'd like to argue that there will often be times where the best thing for our…

Emerging from the Cocoon

So, it's been a really hard couple of weeks for some of us who find ourselves helping to comprise any kind of marginalized groups. Of course, it's really been a difficult couple of years for the same groups of people.

I think it's important for marginalized people to tell their own story so I'm going to focus on what most concerns my own situation. This is not to imply importance or priority in any way. During these times of great strife, we're really all called upon to support the diversity of the people we serve, many of whom are facing unfathomable challenges in response to what's happening nationally.

Before I continue, I'd like to offer a bit of a disclaimer or, really, more of an explanation.  Yes, this post is a bit of a deviation of what I've been posting, but I feel called to use this platform to highlight what I believe to be a crisis in humanity. When we are in the profession of serving people, we cannot possibly recognize the diversity neede…