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Radical Acts of Self-Care

Acts of self-care are radical acts. We hear the term tossed around so much that self-care may very well be the most popular buzz-word of today's world. Despite that ubiquity, we may all have different definitions in mind. To me, self-care is one of the greatest forms of Mindfulness. Listening to ourselves, striving to be as honest as possible, and making time for ourselves are all essential elements of effective self-care. The world we live in, despite the popularity of the phrase, is one filled with challenges that undermine and conflict with self-care.

We are plagued by "notification fatigue" to the point that one of the first steps of making time for ourselves is often silencing all of our devices. We are often expected or expect ourselves to work long hours, skip meals, operate on fewer hours of sleep than is probably healthy, and over-caffeinate ourselves just to make it through the day. We use a slew of over-the-counter remedies to mask the symptoms of the common c…

Finding Collaboration through Best Practices

Today I want to talk a bit about what I'll call, for these purposes, standards and best practices. What constitutes a best practice sometimes can be handled with a degree of subjectivity, depending on the environment. Best practices often include the "tips and tricks" of seasoned employees as well as the more public-facing recommended best use of supported services. What we call standards or policies are generally able to achieve a bit more objectivity through the codification and agreements from which documentation and training practices would presumably be informed.

I've been thinking a lot about these issues following a couple of months filled with hiring, training, and motivating employees before and carrying into our start of the school year. As we prepare to move forward with promoting a team member to a more management-level position, I'm using the time available as things gradually start to slow down to make sure our "house is in order," so to s…