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Hi, Friends.

It's only been a few days since I've been on social media, and much longer since I've blogged in this space, but I've missed you all. My internet silence has been intentional and likely necessary, but it was originally intended to be temporary. After I've had some time to think, off-the-grid in a way, I think I'm going to keep this up indeterminately until further notice.

First, I'll give some background on what's happened. It's, sadly, not really all that unique these days: A femme-identifying person with a degree of marginalization speaks out about a political issue only to be silenced by intense trolling and harassment. I knew the risks before I allowed myself to be vulnerable and would like to think I'd be strong enough to persevere despite such challenges. However, I was particularly concerned about my safety due both to the personal nature of some of the harassment and the simultaneous discovery that the blogs in this space were…