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Dichotomies: Agile vs. Siloed & Self-care vs. Self-motivation

I haven’t blogged much here lately, but a lot’s been changing in my life, both professionally & personally. I’ve just shifted roles back into the management of service desk leadership & gradually starting to channel my strategic planning energies toward that capacity. In short, I’ve been gradually losing altitude in terms of the ‘Bird’s Eye View’ in which I was resting during my last post while gaining an opportunity to utilize more of my full potential. Of course, I’m delighted in my new role, but it’s taking time & effort to shift my perspective as needed. In the meantime, I’ve been learning a lot about the culture of the team I supervise & the ways in which my talents & perspectives may fit.
As I’m settling into this new role, I’m thinking a lot about dichotomies that I keep seeing pop up in the workplace. I normally focus more on ambiguity & middle ground than I do on dichotomy, but the juxtaposition is proving to be a helpful lens to characterize what I’m…