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My Journey So Far

This is another post of a bit of a personal nature, commemorating momentous events in my life, but it does relate loosely to my career and I'll try to focus again on service desk leadership in my next post.

I can't really believe this, and it snuck up on me fast, but I began presenting as myself almost exactly a year ago. It's been an amazing journey since and I feel as though I've blossomed into a beautiful version of myself I never imagined was possible on that day of high anticipation, great fear, and unchecked anxiety.  I am tremendously fortunate to have been able to lean on others throughout that difficult time and I know the progress of my journey is inextricable from that amazing support. I am filled in awe of how far I've come, my life today, and the journey ahead.

What's most amazing to me, looking back on the past year, is what I've accomplished in my life that is not directly related to my transition, but that has occurred simultaneously. I know…