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The Bird's Eye View

What follows builds on what I discussed in my latest post, but the current dialogue will extend to a broader topic. It's not so much the second part in a two-part series, but the other part of the conversation that needs to be addressed not just in professional IT, but also in life.
Last week, I talked about seeing the forest instead of only the trees to highlight shifting our focus toward the more long-term strategic view rather than the immediate and responsive view of what's before us in which too many of us spend our lives entrenched. With the bird's eye view, we don't just notice the forest along with the trees, we notice everything.

In that sense, what we're discussing here is a kind of omnipotence most us can never expect to experience in totality solely by ourselves. The bird's eye view refers to a kind of strategic master plan most often woven together by the collaborative analysis and planning efforts of people who have allowed themselves to notice an…

Looking Beyond the Trees

A very dear friend of mine is fond of referring to a saying that has many iterations, but goes something like this: ”You’d notice the forest if you weren’t so busy looking at the trees.” I think this friend first provided this advice to me while I was conducting graduate research when the primary intention was encouraging me to take a step back and consider the "big picture" of what was occurring. 
Too often, whether in academia or in a professional setting, we all may at least occasionally feel a tendency to focus on the specific details that are most immediately soliciting our attention rather than the systemic causes and the greater circumstances in which those details exist. This has real implications for technical support and managing IT departments.

An unavoidable necessity of providing IT support is responding to the technical issues that arise on a recurring basis. These issues may require extensive troubleshooting or may be simple cases of directing people toward the…