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Leaving Behind Footprints

Something that's been on my mind a lot lately is what I would like to refer to as my professional legacy. The subject to which I am referring includes the clues, procedures, and documentation we leave so that others or that we, ourselves, may pick up again at the same place at which we last left.  In the current era of technical support, most of these records are digital, but organization and layout is still just as important as if they were paper. The footprints in the sand we leave for others to pick up where we left off are the most important way in which we can ensure that processes continue smoothly in our absence. 
Adopting that perspective at all times and thoroughly documenting all of our processes as we go along also helps us transcend the reliance on our own memories which are, at least occasionally, fallible. Documenting what we do as we proceed through our routines, perhaps more importantly, is also important to ensure that we are able to work collaboratively as a team …